TAG enterprises have printer ribbons for the printer you’re currently using or plan to use in the future.
Below is a standard chart for identifying types of ribbon based on specific requirements. Our label specialists can assist you to make sure you select the right printer ribbon for your application, printer, and project needs.
Category Wax Wax-Resin Resin
Printer Heat Setting Low Medium High
Abrasion Resistance Low Medium High
Solvent Resistance Low High High
Max Print Speed 12 ips 8 ips 6 ips
Recommended Surfaces Coated & Uncoated Paper Coated & Uncoated Paper Matte Synthetics All Glossy Paper Synthetics Some Matte Synthesis

Barcode Ribbons

Wax resin ribbon
wash care barcode ribbon
thermal transfer ribbon
taffeta resin ribbon
Premium Wax Super Wax
batch code 1
color barcode
Premium Wax resin
Polypropylene Synthetic Labels
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Parts, products, packaging, and production must be running at maximum efficiency because you’re making more than just a widget.

The manufacturing industry may vary in goods being produced, but the challenges from one manufacturing facility to another remain similar. From parts to assembly, product to packaging, to transportation and delivery, manufacturers work daily to increase productivity and efficiency throughout the supply chain. Options to utilize 2D barcodes, intelligent automation, and RFID incorporating RTLS, GPS, and sensors to track and trace items to enable full visibility into warehouse operations for receiving, pick, putaway, replenishment, packing, and shipping.

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